Who is Tuan.

My passion for Business started when I was a younger. I remember going to the local bakery shop with my parents to purchase small baked goods. The smell and the warm sensation from the environment, and taking a bite of the freshly baked donuts is always heartwarming. As a child, I had a lot of ambition to own my own bakery. I wanted to give the same feeling I got to other kids to help enhance their childhood experience. As I got older, I would always do a lot of volunteering. It would be from either being a summer school teaching assistant or meal running to the local nursing homes is where I found my passion.


During my first semester at college, I got involved in a number of different student organizations. I join a social fraternity to help myself network more on campus. Then, I joined a number of different student organizations that dealt with event planning and budget development. But, I also join organizations that would be more beneficial to my major such as the marketing club. Through these different organizations I was able to take on a number of different leadership roles.


For my fraternity, I took on social chair. This is role that really shows me how to be able to work with different organizations and plan out social events. Also, I was in charge of posting on our different social media accounts to make sure we have good public relationships. Then, I was elected as recruitment chair in my sophomore year. I was focusing on how to talk to people on a one on one basics. Also, I learn how to build personal connections with random people and how to break the ice. Event coordination with this was a huge part of this position. I had to coordinate with different people so that each event was able to run smoothly. In my junior year, I am now on the executive council and is the Ritual chair. I am in charge of preparing equipment and supplies that we need. With this position, I oversee the new member educator. I make sure that he is teaching the new member the correct information, and that they know the expectations of each one of them.


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